Single Student Apartment Application

The Single Student Apartment (SSA) Application allows you to find roommates, build your own group (students you want to live with), apply to live in any of our Single Student Apartments (see the list below), update your application, view any apartment offers, and apply for summer housing! Our current SSA complexes are:

Things you need to know

  • August 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018 applications are now being accepted (Note: this is an 11-month contract).
  • Canceling or Moving out of your apartment
  • You should read both the Application Instructions, and the SSA Handbook before continuing with your application. For easy reference these links are located in the menu to your left.

Looking for a roommate?

WSU’s Roommate Finder can help. Post your own request or browse requests made by other students that need a place to live.