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Appeal Instruction

The Contract Appeals Committee was created for the purpose of providing an avenue for students who have contractual problems that cannot be resolved through normal administrative channels. The Committee is comprised of students and administrators who meet on a regular basis.

Residents will find housing contract information in the Housing Contract Information page.

Please follow these directions to submit an appeal to the Housing and Dining Contract Appeals Committee:

  1. Make sure your appeal includes your name, WSU ID, and the address to which our response is to be sent.
  2. Clearly state the specific request you are making (i.e., release from contract without penalty, waiver of late fees, reversal of damage charges). Please read your contract carefully so you will know the specific clause you are appealing.
  3. Describe in detail and as clearly as possible the situation that led to the dispute. Please give hard facts (specific names, dates, times, etc.) and provide as much supportive material as possible. If appropriate, attach documents such as copies of your closing statement, doctor's statements on their letterhead, roommate or witness statements, etc. that will help the committee understand the reason for your appeal.
  4. Above all, show that extenuating circumstances exist in your case; things that were above and beyond your ability to predict and prevent.

Please submit your appeal online and watch for messages, sent to the email address you entered, from the committee as they ask questions, ask for additional documentation, and make a decision regarding your appeal. After the Committee meets to consider your appeal, you will be notified of its decision by email. If you have questions, please contact Housing and Residence Life at 509-335-4577.

If your AD account is disabled due to not atteding WSU, and have housing application record, you can use alternative login.

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